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Over 2,000 businesses sold in six countries.

Over 100,000 buyers qualified

Over 5,000 buyers financed

About CEO Scott Radin


Business Professionals

Add $156,000+ Per Year Part Time

No experience needed. Our study shows that 96% of traditional business brokers do not bother with very small to distressed to closed businesses. It is not worth their time. That means that over 20% of all businesses desperately need a Seller Concierge.

Struggling business owners have nobody to help them get something for his or her business. So they will gladly come up with a small upfront fee allowing them to cash out. You can dominate your market almost instantly.




Developed by industry leaders during COVID, this service for business brokers has created a massive new revenue stream with certain business owners in need. 


This service is designed for very small, distresses and closed businesses. These are businesses you walk away from. The owners pay upfront for this service. Just do one per week to add $156,000 per year.

Do It Anywhere

And, it only occupies 4-5 hours of your time. It is done virtually so no travel so you can work with business owners anywhere.

“Do it  NOW I am here to tell you how easy it is to sell and how easy it is to provide this service. NOT only is it easy, I am getting ongoing referrals from my clients for quality businesses”

– Domenic T – a franchised based business  brokerage.