Frequent Questions

From Business Owners

Over 20% of all small businesses need this right now!

Distressed Business Owners Need This

The Owners of Closed Businesses Need This

Business Owners Who Need To Sell Quickly

Sellers Frustrated by Their Current Broker

“The #1 question we get is “How can the owner pay $3,000 if his or her business is struggling?“. Just because the owner has a distressed or closed business, it does not mean they are cash poor.

Do I need licensing?

No, this service is done under a services contract without success fees. This is not a listing service.

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Can I list businesses that I run across

Of course, if you receive a quality business (and you will) then by all means list it.

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How quick do I see  a return?

Generally, and backed by brokers reporting back, the average is $6,000 in the first week.

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Can I be confidential with you?

Of course. We understand that some brokers have a franchise that may prevent you from working with a third party. We work in the shadows.

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What platform is the virtual training?

We can use a platform that you are comfortable with. We send you materials in advance so training is just face to face with Scott Radin. We will work out the details.

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Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you fail to achieve results then we will provide a full refund. Not that it has ever happened but we would need proof that you worked it as trained.

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Are there any territory restrictions?

None whatsoever. Since it is all done remotely, you can work with this target market anywhere in the world.

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Are there any ongoing fees?

No, just the training registration. We provide private access to a support area on this website.

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Can I buy it on royalties?

Our training registration is more than fair. We are not interested in working it based on success.  Just like you wouldn’t take a commission on future results.

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