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Thanks Scott. Per your advice, I went out to my old seller leads. I got three commitments almost immediately.

Roberto G, Franchised Business Broker


This service allowed me to cash out my closed business for $30,000 and transfer of the lease. A miracle to me during COVID

Stan Wolfson, Business Owner

I have 22 sales agents and let them loose with this program. Now I am generating roughly $144K per month from it.

Kathy S. , Franchise Based Broker

No business broker would help me sell my small salon. Until a  broker came to me with this service and sold for cash in three weeks.

Fiona Wainright, Business Owner

For fifteen years I turned down these small hanging fruit. Dang I wish I had this sooner. These owners jump at it.

Earl Wilson, Business Broker

Do it  NOW I am here to tell you how easy it is to sell and how easy it is to provide this service. NOT only is it easy, I am getting ongoing referrals from my clients for quality businesses!!!!!

Dominick T,  Franchise Based Brokerage