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Our study shows that 96% of traditional business brokers do not bother with very small to distressed to closed businesses. It is not worth their time. That means that over 20% of all businesses desperately need a Seller Concierge.

Struggling business owners have nobody to help them get something for his or her business. Until now. We have the industry’s only service that helps business owners cash out.

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Developed by industry leaders during COVID. We have helped over 2,000 business owners sell. Since 2001, our companies have worked with business sellers in six countries.


We only work with small, struggling, distressed and closed businesses with net profits under $100,000. If you have a quality business over 100K net, contact us and we will put you in touch with a quality business broker.


Our service is done virtually and does not take up much of your time. Your concierge will guide you through the process by video chats and meetings.

“This service allowed me to cash out my closed business for $30,000 and transfer of the lease. A miracle to me during COVID”

– Stan Wolfson – Owner.

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No business broker would help me sell my small salon. Until a  broker came to me with this service and sold for cash in three weeks.

Fiona Wainright, Business Owner

I didn’t care about money rather I needed to get out from under my lease. When I did the stress left me.

Douglas Bonham, Business Owner

My concierge was a business broker who wouldn’t list my struggling business three months ago. Then he came back as a concierge and resulted in instant success.

Lionel Jacksn, Business Owner